Agents of Stagg "Rangers"

Game 0
Arrival in Stagg

[Harvest Moons 15, 3125.]

Ranger Regional Command,

Upon arriving here in Stag from Echer’Naught I received the rank of Ranger First-Class and was put in charge of creating an alpha team. I began preparations for this and will be ready in a few weeks.

[Harvest Moons 30, 3125.]

I began a recruitment for an Alpha team in hopes of establishing a strong base here in this border town. I had hundred or so candidates and chose 10 of the to be my Alpha and Beta teams. There are two members as it stands in the alpha team. Beatrix, myself and one other who didn’t seem to fit in with the team. Beatrix had to interrogate a prisoner to get info out of him. she had spoken with the town guard to get access to said prisoner, she also had to speak with out intelligence operations in specific for a test of attention to detail, she wasn't the best at it but she was the best i could get at the time, she was rather handy with her written and verbal skills but needs improvement in other fields.

[Harvest Moons 32, 3125]

in the morning I was doing paperwork as is my position for now. my team however were getting acquainted with their new surroundings that said they went around exploring and eventually got to my office where we all had some drinks from my personal supply. later that night almost at the thirteenth hour they had ran into trouble.

[Harvest Moons 33, 3125]

I was awoken by ranger trainee Beatrix and her fellow ranger on the 1st hour of the 33rd to find that they were out patrolling the streets at night and had ran into redstore factions in the city. The numbers were small she had reported about six of them that had been there. At this time Beatrix made me aware that she is in fact hunted by redstore. I may have more reports of redstore in the future to be sending. I spoke with Captain Wonsler of the town guard, and he has agreed to assist us in this incident as much as possible. He also has agreed to help keep this quiet to the people of the town as we do not need to stir up a panic at this time. I will have to look into the issue further upon collecting evidence to support the fact that there is indeed Redstore working within my city.



Drainar Reor, Ranger First-Class

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